Energy Solutions

  • Energy Audits
  • Energy Conservation Planning
  • Energy Project Management
  • Shared Savings Project Financing
  • Alternative Energy Systems
  • Project Prioritization
  • Electric Motor Horsepower Reductions
  • Energy Tracking
  • Utility Bill Evaluation
  • Power Factor Control Improvements
  • Steam System Improvements
  • Energy training
  • Cogeneration
  • Compressed Air Systems
  • Lighting Systems
  • Waste Reduction
  • ISO 14001
  • Production Use Evaluations
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Strategic Development
  • Profit Improvement
Engineer stands in front of gauge panel in factory

Energy Savings Solutions

In his 27 year career, Walt Dindoffer has been responsible for saving his clients over $47,000,000 in energy costs. This has been accomplished through management of industrial energy systems & projects implemented. Well over 250 energy efficiency improvement projects have been studied, developed, implemented and audited. His emphasis has been in manufacturing operations, with tremendous success in reducing energy consumption. He is a member of the Association of Energy Engineers.

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Energy Savings Clients

  • IPMC Acquisition- Detroit, Michigan
    • Steam turbine efficiency improvements and new control program
    • In-line power factor control system
    • De-superheater steam system replacement and improvements
    • Paper machine vacuum system improvement plan
    • Roof insulation and paper machine ventilation improvement project
    • Energy assessment of turbine condensing water and condensation systems
  • USUI International- Olive Branch, Mississippi
    • Electrical back up system for automotive parts plant
    • Energy operations assessment
  • Dunn Papers- Port Huron, Michigan
    • Energy assessment study
    • Energy efficiency improvements cutting 9% of per-unit energy usage
    • Waste heat recovery projects
    • Steam system plant-wide balance
    • Energy project list developed, showing potential of over 40 projects
    • Cogeneration and alternative energy evaluation and plan
    • USDA energy efficienty grant development
  • Great Lakes Tissue- Cheboygan, Michigan
    • Energy assessment
    • #8 Paper Machine steam system evaluation
    • #8 VAS Yankee hood steam and condensate improvement plan
  • Valentine Paper- Lockport, Louisiana
    • Cogeneration system evaluation
    • Energy study and evaluation
    • Conservation plans and projects
    • Alternative fuels review and recommendations
    • Electrical rate negotiations with utility
  • Johnston Textiles- Opp, Alabama; Phenix City, Alabama; Shamut, Alabama
    • Energy study and audit at three textile plants
    • Energy conservation project proposals
    • Water usage evaluations
  • Irving Tanning Company- Hartland, Maine
    • Energy study, audit, and strategic plan for leather tannery
    • Energy conservation projects and proposal
    • Cogeneration evaluation
    • Biomass boiler evaluation
  • Domtar Industries, Inc.- Port Huron, Michigan
    • Power plant energy audit and energy reduction plan for lightweight paper manufacturer
    • Coal boiler efficiency improvement project
    • Project list development and implementation plans

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